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Thank you for supporting my first book, God’s Signature. My Statement. Below are some resources to help supplement and enrich your experience.

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I created a FB group for those who purchased the book so we can discuss further and I can help you apply the principles to your everyday life.

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3 Ways to Manage Your Genius

Learn how to maintain your “zone of genius” with these 3 tips! 
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Overcome Fear Audio

In order to realize and actualize your potential, we have to face fears. We all know and quote the saying that fear is “false evidence appearing real.” Yet so many times we allow fear to become just that–real. 

In this motivational audio recording, I share the things that help me to manage my fear. You can download this PDF of affirmations that you can read (preferably aloud) daily.

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Spotify Playlists

“Where words leave out, music begins”

Here are some of my favorite playlists on Spotify.


Adeea R. Rogers, known as The Trendy Socialite, believes her calling is to help empower others to develop and pursue their purpose. And as a result, she is known as “The Purpose Pusher.” Adeea seeks to equip others with the motivation and tools necessary to create and design the life they want. Adeea believes in creating the change you want to see through creating events, communities and movements. She created International Natural Hair Meetup Day (INHMD), giving women around the world the opportunity to guide each other in their natural hair journeys. In July 2015, she co-founded Black Biz Live, a community-based initiative where black owned businesses are featured on livestream platforms. Adeea’s perspective on living a purposeful life, personal branding tips, and content marketing ideas, cause her to be a sought-after event host, workshop facilitator, speaker and panelist. She also hosts a podcast, The Trendsetters Podcast. Adeea has a profound love for three things: Her Savior, Jesus Christ, Starbucks, and Statement Jewelry.