Staycations—Because Sometimes You Just Need to Get Away

January 29, 2020

The title of this blog post made me think of an old Bobby Brown song called “Get Away.” And honestly—the lyrics just fit as a good reason for any of us to get away

I need a piece of mind, I’m stressed out today
It’s about that time to make that get away
Dealing with the people I deal with everyday
Got to find a place I can hide away

So I can be away from the badness
Far from the noise and the darkness
It’s not too late, there’s gotta be a way
For me to escape all this nonsense (Get away)


As part of my birthday plans, I wanted to take an overnight excursion to just woo-sah and relax for a minute. I admit I have different personas when it comes to hotels, air bnb’s, b&b’s, etc. Sometimes I want urban sophistication and other times I want charm and simplicity. This time I opted for the latter.

Enter The Dove Inn!

The Dove Inn is about 35 minutes from Denver in a town called Golden. But considering it can take me 35 minutes to go a few exits away–I consider it local.

Anyhoo, a couple of months ago I had the opportunity to do just that—get away at a super cute boutique inn in a neighboring town in Colorado—The Dove Inn. I used this overnight stay to kick off the 10 days I would do things to celebrate my approaching 44th birthday.

Photo from The Dove Inn

I love staying in hotels, boutique inns, and B&Bs. But I don’t always love the packing and travel that goes with staying far from where I live. So the 30 minute drive to Golden, CO was perfect—especially since it can take me 30 minutes to drive anywhere within Denver—I definitely still considered it local.

One of the cool things that I was particularly fond of was the check-in process. I received an email and a text with check-in codes to access the inn and my room. This is perfect for people who want a low-key arrival or for weary travelers.

How cute is the Aspen Suite at The Dove Inn?

I was STARVING when I arrived, so I walked 2 blocks to the Capitol Grill for dinner.

Comfort foods always make me fat happy! After dinner I headed back to wrap myself in a relaxation cocoon and take full advantage of everything in my room, The Aspen Suite.

But y’all…this is what got me.

Calgon…take me away!

In the corner of the room was free standing 2 person soaking tub! And to ensure you would use it, there was a bath bomb from a local soapery, Spinster Sisters Co. This little corner of heaven was literally set up for me to turn on the water and slide in to sheer bliss!

So I lounged in the tub til I was a prune for a little while while listening to a Streetwize Jazz playlist on Spotify.

I definitely do not neglect my skin even on a getaway. In fact, I usually indulge in more moisturizing treatments and slather my body down in butters and oils. My staple body moisturizer is Koils by Nature Nourishing Hair and Body Butter. It isn’t greasy, but it keeps me soft, glowing, and moisturized all day! It comes in some delicious scents–my favorites are Sweet Almond, Marvelous Mango, and Heavenly Delight. They don’t overpower or interfere with any other fragrance or oils you wear. It just leaves you feeling moisturized and smelling fresh!

In my 30s I fell in love with pajamas. I mean, who doesn’t love a good pair of PJs? This was routinely what I asked for as gifts for Christmas or my birthday. Around this same time, I also started collecting shoes. Not the ones you wear per se (although I did that too), but any and everything with shoes on them! I even collect the miniature shoes you can find in Hallmark Stores and online. So when I saw these pajamas with shoes on them at Stein Mart, I had to have them. They were so comfortable and perfect to lounge in while I read and relaxed for the evening.

The Aspen Suite and the overall atmosphere at The Dove Inn is so conducive for reading, writing, and just thinking. So I took the opportunity to spend some quality time with a book that had been sitting on my nightstand for weeks (thanks to my cousin, Dr. Shanetia Clark, for the recommendation).

I’ve been intentional and strategic about my skincare for a few years now (I have to admit that wasn’t always the case). And the change in climate with moving to Denver (from humid North Carolina) caused some changes in my skin. So I have to be even more consistent and intentional with taking care of my skin—even on a getaway.

And let me tell you I much I adored this makeup wash cloth at The Dove Inn. Hands down, one of my favorite amenities! I am always so leery of using the pristine white washcloths at hotels or inns. I always picture hotel staff cussing me under their breaths for the hard to remove makeup stains. I actually brought my own washcloth so I didn’t ruin theirs. But I didn’t even have to use it! This was PERFECT!

Getaways and staycations are actually the perfect time to indulge in those steps you may skip in your skincare routine. My friend, makeup artist, and esthetician, Necia Boston of BAABS Beauty, included these amazing sheet masks in our November Color of the Month Box. I’ve been trying to make them last as long as possible. They are so amazing!

I love applying facial masks at the end of the day when I can allow all the good juices to absorb into my skin while I rest.

Speaking of rest, let me tell you something…the bed in the Aspen Suite is PROBLEMATIC (in the best possible way)! When I say that bed tried to trap me and swallow me whole…OMG, it was so comfortable! I awakened rested and smiling! I wasn’t quite ready to leave that oh so comfy bed, so I extended my bedtime by munching on some fruit I brought with me.


Even on getaways, I like a light beat (makeup). My staple brand, BAABS Beauty, always comes through! This lipgloss, Glimmer (which was included in our July Color of the Month Box), provides the perfect amount of shimmer, shine, and color when you want to add just a little sum’n sum’n to your look. I literally never travel without the Bloodberry palette from BAABS. It is perfect for nearly every look you can imagine!

I was so rested, I even managed to get a little work done before I left. I think The Dove Inn is the perfect place for not just a staycation, but a workcaction. It is quiet in and around it—with food (and Starbucks) within walking distance.

When I reluctantly–and I do mean RELUCTANTLY checked out (see photo below of me contemplating whether or not I can hide in this tub indefinitely), I ventured downstairs for some juice. And. coffee.

I was secretly hoping they wouldn’t find me and I could stay for a day…or a year!

Don’t. Forget. The. Coffee.

Shhhh, don’t tell but I had like 3 glasses of juice—it was SO GOOD!

I definitely recommend The Dove Inn for a getaway, staycation, or workcation. The rooms are quiet, comfortable, and conducive for contemplation, relaxation, and even work (just do your work before you use the tub or lay on the bed).

One thing I have become more acutely aware of accomplishing goals and creating a life you love is the NEED for rest and relaxation. And the need for space, time, and distance. In athletics there is a term called “load management”—which is taking times of intentional rest in order to optimize performance for the long haul and when it matters (like playoffs and tournaments). And creating the life we want and love requires times of getting away to rest, think, and recharge.

Managing our loads with a short getaway or staycation does not have to cost a lot of money—but it does have to be strategic and intentional. If you’re in or near Golden, Colorado, or traveling to the area—add The Dove Inn to your list of places to immerse yourself in a getaway.

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