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Desire to deepen your relationship with God and His Word?

I’ve been using the very simple practice of Scripture writing that has increased my desire to read God’s Word and has deepened my relationship with God—in less than 10 minutes a day.


I have a consistent desire to grow and deepen in my relationship with God and knowledge of the Bible. However, I have to say that growing up in church relegated the advice on how to deepen my relationship and knowledge of God’s Word to “get in the Word.” 

Ooooookkkkkk………. *blinks*

I’m more of a systems-oriented person that wants actionable steps, so I’ve done a myriad of things to try to accomplish a deepening understanding, memorization, and knowledge of God’s Word. Remind me to tell you about the time I started my Bible reading plan in Genesis or that time I read all the “begats” in Matthew and it begat me a headache. 

Have you ever felt like that?

At various points and times in my life, my desire to read, understand and absorb God’s word has been insatiable! And I recently entered another season where that is the case. But I wanted to feel like I was doing more than just reading scripture. 

While watching YouTube videos on something totally unrelated, I ran across a video on Scripture Writing. Color me fascinated. After watching a few videos and reading a few blog posts, I knew this was a practice I wanted to incorporate into my Bible Study/Quiet Time routine.


I started with my favorite subject—purpose. After researching scriptures, I invited people in my FaceBook group to join me for 31 days of writing one scripture a day about purpose. I felt that if I felt that writing scripture would be a practice to help deepen my relationship with God, then perhaps others felt the same.

The response was overwhelming!

Over 180 people signed up for the challenge and spent the next 31 days sharing snapshots of their scripture writing process!


People seemed to be impacted and helped by writing one scripture a day to think about and apply to our lives.


A few days in, people were contacting me asking if I planned to create future plans. After a little thought, I decided to dive in. And now I have 31 day scripture writing plans centered on a variety of topics.

The scripture writing plans include

These plans are ready to use as soon as you receive the download! You can print the plan and attach it to your journal or you allow your creativity to take over! So you don’t have to spend hours looking for scriptures to help inspire and help you regarding subjects such as overcoming fear and anxiety and God’s Love for us.


Scripture Writing has been a welcomed habit to my spiritual disciplines. It doesn’t take a lot of time, but it is deepening my thought and spiritual life. I welcome you to join me in deepening our relationship and becoming intimately acquainted with God’s Word through Scripture writing.

Click the button below to begin the impactful habit of scripture writing.

I’m Ready to Write God’s Word!


Adeea R. Rogers, known as The Trendy Socialite, believes her calling is to help empower others to develop and pursue their purpose. And as a result, she is known as “The Purpose Pusher.” Adeea seeks to equip others with the motivation and tools necessary to create and design the life they want. Adeea believes in creating the change you want to see through creating events, communities and movements. She created International Natural Hair Meetup Day (INHMD), giving women around the world the opportunity to guide each other in their natural hair journeys. In July 2015, she co-founded Black Biz Live, a community-based initiative where black owned businesses are featured on livestream platforms. Adeea’s perspective on living a purposeful life, personal branding tips, and content marketing ideas, cause her to be a sought-after event host, workshop facilitator, speaker and panelist. She also hosts a podcast, The Trendsetters Podcast. Adeea has a profound love for three things: Her Savior, Jesus Christ, Starbucks, and Statement Jewelry.